Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

With Halloween comes pumpkin carving....Brett had a carving party with buddies so it was just Blake and I, which really  Blake did a pretty good job of picking out the pattern and digging out the guts but the carving part is my job.  In the end he thought it was pretty cool. 
 Brett had a Pumpkin Disguise project at school.  They had to disguise a pumpkin and write a story that would keep the pumpkin from getting carved.  The 5th graders did a great job and had lots of creative pumpkins in disguise.

 Even Miss Sass got into the spirit.  (Not really as you can see she hates being dressed up and having her picture taken.)
 We started the day off with Blake's school party.  They first grades got to parade through the school.  Blake, the Gangster and his best buddy Quincy, the Navy Seal Commander.
 Parading through the library.
 Blake during his class party playing candy corn bingo.
 Brett's class party snack spread...
 Brett and one of his best buds...Max.  I convinced Brett that maybe he was getting old enough that maybe we don't need a costume so he came up with a pretty simple one...his shirt says Error 404: No Costume Found.  He thought it was great and my cricut had it done in 5 min.
Since Halloween was on Thursday and that's my day to work in the front office I was part of the theme this year...Wizard of Oz and I dressed up as Glinda the Good Witch.  We changed the front office into Emerald City and even had a yellow brick road.
I was lucky to find my dress at Goodwill for $5, wore the jacket since the dress was strapless and the crown and wand were made by myself with the help of my trusty cricket.  I also made the signs that are in the background with quotes from the movie.  It was a fun day but I was exhausted when I got's hard being a Good Witch. 
Blake hitting the streets of Andover...Gangsta Style.  Brett went out with his buddies so it was just Blake and I trick or treating.  Blake didn't seem to mind going by himself.  However if anyone's house had spider decorations or anything that looks suspicious he wouldn't go up to the door.
Halloween was a glad it's over now onto the end of Brett's football season and the boys birthdays this month.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wedding bells were ringing this weekend.

My cousin Andrea got married and Blake got to be the ringbearer.  He did a great job and was quite handsome doing it.

 Abigail (groom's cousin) was the flower girl and was the sweetest little girl I have ever met.  She and Blake became fast friends and did their jobs well.
 Blake and the groom and groomsmen.
 Andrea and her family.
 Blake and the beautiful bride.

 He didn't want his momma to feel left out so I got a kiss picture too.

 Making their grand entrance.

Blake, nephew Steel and Abigail playing cards during the reception.

The weather, wedding and weekend were all beautiful.  Congrats to Andrea and Joe on their nuptials.  


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Finally our vacation pics...the easy way.

So I have been frantically trying to get the boys vacay books done on shutterfly because I can get the books 25% off and free shipping and realized after I finished I realized I can post the link to view the books right here on the blog.  YEAH!!  Click and enjoy.  (FYI...this is Blake's book...Brett's book is identical except for the last page with the 5 highlights...Brett's highlights were 1. Windjammer cafe and eating all the jello and rice he could eat, 2. swimming with the stingrays, 3. holding the crocodile, 4. playing on the wipeout obstacle course in cozumel and 5. trying all the fancy desserts offered after supper every night.).

Friday, September 13, 2013

Soooooooo behind....quick catch up.

KSU was blessed with a new look this football season.  Even though we don't sit on this side of the stadium it does benefit us as it blocks the setting sun. 
The bronze statue of Coach Bill Snyder.  Great tribute to a great man and coach.
 Handprints by each of his family members.  This was his request as he has stated many times he wouldn't be able to do the job without their support.
 A couple of weeks ago I went and visited my roommate Jill and her 3 girls.  She was blessed with Raegan Grace on August 9th.  So I got to get my newborn fix for the afternoon.  
 Three of my favorite girls, Rachael, Rebecca, and Raegan.  I've given each of the girls nicknames mostly because I've always called Rachael Toots since she was little little and she asked me recently what I was going to call Rebecca so I've decided Rebecca is Tater and Raegan is Biscuit.  Jill definitely has her hands full and I wish I was closer to help out but in time it should get easier right??

So we've added to our household this week....we now have 3 kitties that will hopefully grow up to be great mouse hunters.  Tonight we had them out and within minutes one was up in the tree.  Funny thing was we looked and looked for him and finally saw him sitting up there watching us look for him.  I've never been a cat lover, but who can resist kittens.  This is Salvy (aka Salvador Perez)

 This is Hosmer and Salvy on the right.
 And DLough, he wasn't interested in climbing trees but thought the grasses were fun.
 Sassy is still trying to get use to them.  I think she would like to play with them, but hasn't quite figured out what to do with them yet.  They don't seem to mind her, even when she just barks and barks at them.
 Hosmer and Salvy enjoyed being in the tree so much they fell asleep.

Tomorrow will be another Saturday of football, only this time we're not going to Manhattan for the game...decided we needed to take a weekend off.  We're hoping for 3 wins tomorrow.

Friday, August 23, 2013

School Year 2013-14 has begun....

The boys had their first day of school August 15th.  They were both ready to go back and after a week plus they seem to be in the routine of it already and like their far.  Blake is a 1st grader.  Brett is a 5th grader (last year at the grade year he's moving onto Andover Middle School). 
 Not only did the boys start a new year but I went back to work after 7 years.  I am working part time at their grade school...Monday and Friday I'm a library aide and Tuesday and Thursday I'm in the front office as an Office Admin.  To be honest I am still adjusting to my new schedule and figuring out how to keep up at home and keep my sanity.  And to top it off we are in full swing of football season and have added Blake to the mix as he's playing flag football too.   Games start this weekend....Go JayCats (Blake's team) and Cyclones (Brett's team) week KSU starts...Go Cats!!
 Heading to the bus....this is Sassy's favorite part...I think she waits all summer for school to start just so she can make this walk.  She barks at the boys all morning until they head out the door.  

I hope to post pics from our Caribbean cruise which we took Aug. 4-11, however I need to go thru the 500 pics and select the highlights.  This added to our craziness for the start of school as we returned Sunday, I started work on Monday and the boys started football practice Tuesday and Wednesday and school on Thursday.  Lesson learned...never take vacay the week before school starts!!  Thank heavens for mom came down and stayed with boys while I started brother, Scott, and nephew also came to hang out so the boys had one last hoo-rah before school.  Mom and Scott helped not only with the boys but with the yard thankful for all their help!!  

Stayed tuned for Caribbean pics...Stephanie

Monday, July 22, 2013

Collin Klein Passing Academy

Brett attended the 1st Collin Klein Passing Academy today in Topeka.  (We were going to attend the one in Wichita, but the state baseball was still going on due to getting rained out on Sunday).  It was a great camp by a great Wildcat.  
 He took pics with all the kids and signed autographs before the camp started.  Brett and Blake had him sign their sports illustrated with him on the cover.
 Brett receiving a pass during one of the drills.
 Husband and wife team...Shalin runs the registration and pics for the website.
What I liked the most about this camp was not just learning about football but he stressed the importance of setting life goals, being a great teammate, and how to be a great leader.  It was also fun to watch him walk around the camp and get excited when the kids completed a pass/catch.  He never walked by a kid without saying something to them, even if they weren't in the camp.  Blake can attest to the as he was running around the track and Collin gave him some encouraging words to keep it up.
 The group at the Topeka Camp.
Best of Luck to Collin in the remaining camps around the state and his future football career.  We'll be cheering for you on Sundays.

2013 Summer Recap 2

The end of June we celebrated nephew Steel's 9th bday along with SIL Jenn's thirty something birthday at the Lakehouse.  
The boys always give us a show with their acrobatics off the dock.  This year they had a lot more air to work with as the lake is still very low :( (as you can see by the ladder, normally this has at least 2-3 steps in the water...the bottom rung is 6 in. out of the water...this was the end of June and I'm guessing it's probably worse by now) !!   

 Blake and his famous cannonball!!

July 4th we made a trip to KC to take in a Royals game.  We had great seats behind the 1st base/Royals dugout and enjoyed walking thru the Hall of Fame.  

3, 154 baseballs make up this #5 representing Brett's number of homeruns.  Plus the famous pine tar bat.
As you can tell we're big George Brett fans and love that he's back in the dugout these days.  Plus the Royals won against the Indians and included 2 home runs and a grand slam.  It was a great day to be at the K.